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Member programs

Below are a list of programs available to paying members. Every time an older person stops driving, a business runs the risk of losing a customer, these programs help boost the local economy. Through the CarTrade™ program seniors can make use of an unused car and exchange the value of the car for ride credits.

car trade donation for ride credits

CarTrade™ Program

Receive a possible tax deduction or ITNTwinCities ride credits for yourself or others when you donate or trade your car.

Find out how you can trade you car here.

gift certificate of ride credits for a loved one

Gift Certificates

Friends and family can give you a lift by purchasing ITNTwinCities gift certificates for birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day, or any occasion.

Buy a gift certificate here.

healthy miles subsidized rides to doctors appointments

HealthyMiles™ Program

Shop at participating health care providers who help pay for your rides.

Find out which health care providers your ITNTwinCities is partnered with.

shop and ride discounted ride to stores

Ride & Shop™ Program

Shop at participating local businesses who help pay for your rides. The Ride & Shop™ program brings paying customers right to the door, then helps them with their packages as they leave.

Find out which local businesses your ITNTwinCities is partnered with.